Travel Potty Chair – Your Child’s New Best Friend

A travel potty chair can quickly become an asset you do not want to be without. What parent has not been on a road trip with a child who inevitably has to go to the bathroom and cannot wait? There is no bathroom in sight. What do you do? What about when a public restroom is available? Do you really want your child’s chubby little hands and tushy touching all those germs? There is an easier way. A travel potty can be a lifesaver.

I wish I would have had a travel potty seat when my first child was smaller. He always seemed to have to go potty when we were in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, we could let him go beside the car on a side road somewhere (most of the time). It would have been great to have a portable potty chair when that was not an option. With my daughter, however, that was never an option. We needed a way for her to go potty while traveling. I absolutely detest public restrooms, and I did not want my sweet little girl having to use those facilities.

Travel potty chairs can come in very handy any time you are away from home. There are several different ones to choose from. If you plan to be in your SUV or car most of the time, a chair that folds up and uses disposable bags would be a good choice. There are several brands to choose from, some of which have their own bags with absorbent pads in them to keep the contents from spilling. If you don’t want to be concerned with keeping bags, there are small chairs that have spill proof lids that you can empty. They are made to be easy to clean.

If your thing is getting out and seeing the sights by walking and using a stroller, there are some travel potty seats that can fold up small enough to fit in a bag or stroller. This makes it very convenient to go anywhere with your toddler.

When you think about it, a travel potty chair is a great idea. It is a virtual germ free way to ease the troubles of your little girl or boy. Most of them are small and neat. Choose the one that is best for you and your child. Happy traveling!

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